Style inspiration for both men and women

Though there are many different styles of dress for women, most can be categorised into a few main types.

The first type is the Classic style. This look is timeless, and usually features a simple silhouette with minimal details. It’s often characterised by neutral colours and traditional fabrics like wool and cotton.

The second type is the Romantic style. This look is inspired by feminine silhouettes and romantic themes. It often features flowing skirts, delicate fabrics, and lots of lace and embellishment. Colours are typically soft and muted, with pink being a popular choice.

The third type is the Glamorous style. This look is all about looking sexy and glamorous. Silhouettes are typically body-hugging, with lots of skin on show. Colours are bold and bright, with gold being a popular choice. Accessories are big and over-the-top, with high heels being a must-have item.